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Kitten Robe

Kitten Robe

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I was unsure about whether I'd end up blog-posting about my robe project. Wondering if it wasn't more than a bit off-topic, you know? But then I got into a conversation with someone who'd attended the same schools as me, initially discussing shop class but that got me to thinking about how home ec was required for girls only when I was in junior high.

So yeah, learning how to sew from a pattern on a sewing machine is gendered. Sure, there are tailors and other male-bodied folks who sew, but you could make that case for any activity, including vamping in sexy lingerie. And people in my gender-atypical FB groups often post selfies showing themselves modeling or posing. So why not?

Also, there's a scene in my book where my mom teaches me how to make a shirt from a pattern when I'm 18, and I make this brilliant red-and-gold paisley shirt, and then about a year later I'm wearing that shirt at a party and get beaten up, with a lot of references to me being sissy and probably queer and therefore that I'd had it coming. And I hadn't really ever gone back to sew from a pattern since then, not until now.

I wore out my old summer bathrobe (it was hanging in tatters) and what with me being at home due to Covid / unemployment, it made sense to do a creative project, so my partner (who is quite adept on the sewing machine) proposed that I make my own. So I picked out a fabric and she helped me select a sewing pattern and I was soon ensconced in chair, pinning and cutting and turning that pile of cloth into a garment.

The fabric arrives:

Separating the pattern pieces:


Our dining room table repurposed as a working surface:

Cutting the fabric as per the pattern pieces:

Stacking the cut pieces on the back of the couch until needed:

Pockets: the goal here is to have the print pattern on the pockets merge exactly with the underlying print on the robe front:


Pinning in preparation for sewing the pocket down:

Belt Loops:

The sewing machine: not fancy but portable and functional:

Now just lay down a stitch in a straight line...

Not too bad!

Finished seams:

It's starting to be a robe!

Close to the edge...


Finished product!



You're secluded in quarantine, and all the performances and events have been cancelled, so it's a good time to read a book!

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Tags: backstory, insinuendos, sewing, sissyhood, violence
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