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INDEX [Jan. 1st, 2014|05:35 pm]
Blog posts, in reverse consecutive order.



MOVIE REVIEW — A Fantastic Woman (Una Mujer Fantástica) 3/19/18

Gender as a Verb: Identifying and Assigning 3/13/18

It's a Nice Thing 3/5/18

Urban Left, Rural Conservatism: Red/Blue Social Politics 2/27/18

A Possible Repositioning 2/19/18

Thoughts After a Year of Posting 2/12/18

Identifying: The Act of Saying "We" 2/5/18

re: Catherine Deneuve says men should be 'free to hit on' women 1/29/18

Querying Again 1/23/18

Brother? 1/15/18

The Femmy Boy's Guide to Flirting 1/8/18

Oppressor Guilt 1/1/18


One Year of Weekly Blogging 12/26/17

Sissy Spring — Scrapbook of My Coming Out, in 1980 12/19/17

Masculinity on a College Campus 12/11/17

Masculinity and the Blue Collar Everyday-Joe Thing 12/4/17

BOOK REVIEW: You Play the Girl by Carina Chocano 11/27/17

A New Request for a Full 11/20/17

What If There Are No Differences Between the Sexes? 11/13/17

The Interplanetary Tourism Board Wants Your Help 11/6/17

Looking at Sexy People, and Being Looked At 10/30/17

Some People See Me as THE STRAIGHT DOPE 10/23/17

Deja Vu All Over Again: IT'S OFFICIAL ONCE MORE — My Book's NOT Going to be Published!! 10/16/17

The Damage Done 10/9/17

A Late Change 10/2/17

High School Reunion -- 40 Years Since Graduation in 1977 9/25/17

BOOK REVIEW — Dalí by E. M. Hamill 9/18/17

Third Grade 9/11/17

What's the Desired Outcome? 9/4/17

Anonymous Conversation: Old Piece of Writing 8/28/17

Publicity — Ramping Up 8/22/17

Identifying as GenderQueer -- Personal Evolutionary Timeline 8/16/17

BOOK REVIEW — Queen Called Bitch, by Waldell Abraham Goode 8/7/17

Albuquerque: Where the Story Takes Place (Part II) 7/30/17

Similes, Metaphors and Gender Identities 7/24/17

INTERVIEW: Author E. M. Hamill 7/18/17

BOOK REVIEW: The Simplicity of Being Normal, by James Stryker 7/9/17

Los Alamos: Where the Story Takes Place (Part I) 7/2/17

My Favorite Rejection Letters 6/26/17

About Radical Feminism 6/18/17

Accidental Outing 6/11/17

Pride Month and the Politics of Identity 6/4/17

Not Tripping the Light Fantastic 5/26/17

OK Dammit, Let's Get One Thing Straight... Ermm, I Mean Established... 5/20/17

re: Not Having Sex on the First Date 5/13/17

Deja Vu: It Looks Like I Might Have a Publisher... 5/6/17

BOOK REVIEWS: Tea And Transition, Barriers To Love 4/30/17

Presentation at Castleton University / Grandiosities 4/22/17

Presentation to Women's Studies Classes + LGBT Group, Mars Hill University NC 4/9/17

Conflict of Interest 4/3/17

Status Report 3/27/17

Gender, Sex (aka Physical Bodyparts?), and Gender Politics 3/20/17

What Do Men Want? 3/13/17

Sexual Orientation 3/6/17

Presentation at the LGBT Community Center in Manhattan 2/27/17

re: The Myth of Gender Neutral Parenting (Letter to the Editor) 2/20/17

Gender Inversion as a Sexual Kink 2/13/17

The Limits of Radical Androgyny, Part II: The Dismissive Minority 2/6/17

Regarding Matters Psychiatric... 1/30/17

The Transformative Realization Moment 1/23/17

The Limits of Radical Androgyny 1/16/17

Visual Sexual Attractiveness, Power, Sexual Confidence, and Gender 1/9/17

Reevaluation and Rededication 1/2/17


Pink Floyd Lyric-user permissions, Being Interviewed by Podcasters, and a Butch Lesbian's Show 12/9/16

Gender Fluidity and the Nature of Identity 11/17/16

Possible Speaking Engagements, and Returning to the Lit Mines 11/9/16

The Other Shoe Drops 10/23/16

IT'S OFFICIAL—My Book's NOT Going to be Published! 10/3/16

My Agent, and My Publicist 9/14/16

The Editing Process 8/4/16


Book Review—LIFE SONGS: A GENDERQUEER MEMOIR by Audrey MC 6/14/16

Orlando was about Gay People Being Massacred 6/14/16

Julia Serano's WHIPPING GIRL ...and Not so Obviously the Lesser Sex 6/5/16

It Looks Like I May Have a Publisher 5/11/16

Always Love Lucy Theatre Presents PYGMALION 5/6/16

speaking Engagement; and Intellectual Dishonesty in Our Politics 5/1/16

Updates and Revisions! 4/7/16

Author's Editorial Conference: Pins and Needles 3/8/16

TransGression; or Nope, Not Everything Is About the Male Gaze 2/28/16

Asymptotic Gender 2/3/16


Passions and Pursuits—an Update 12/1/15

The Jill-O-Lantern Problem 10/30/15

Denying Being Gay or Trans: Pink Elephants in the Living Room 10/18/15

Eye Opener 10/4/15

Review — Sommerfugl by Bixby Elliot 9/23/15

Status of my Efforts 9/21/15

Book Review and Commentary — GRACEFULLY GRAYSON by Ami Polonsky 9/8/15

Reading Intersex; Plus, Querying Publishers 7/27/15

A Brief but Cogent Insight about Church, Patriarchy, Hierarchy, and Sex 7/24/15

Another Nibble 7/10/15

Requerying 6/28/15

Making the World a Safe Place to be Genderqueer 6/15/15

A Solid Nibble 4/28/15

Another Early Reader Reviews My Book 4/11/15

GenderKitten Makes Presentation, March 12 3/29/15

A Visit to the Tone Police 3/21/15

A Talk, A Conference, and a Manuscript Request 2/28/15

Boy Meets Girl — Movie Review 2/14/15

Chips, Snowflakes, Bags and the Geometry of Identity 2/12/15

What's a Nice Boy Like Me Doing in a DUNGEON? 1/7/15

Quickie Update: Stats, Early Reviews from Beta Readers, First YA Queries 1/5/15


Who Do You Like? 12/31/14

Wordle of the Story of Q 12/19/14

Allan Revises His Book 10/19/14

Operation Rewrite 12/2/2014

Coming Out to Transgender People about Passing, Gender identity, and Terminology 11/30/14

Gender Isn't the Same Thing as Sex (Except to the Extent That It Sort of Is... 11/14/14

Jill o Lantern 2014 10/28/14

Genderqueer is Trending: Good News & Bad News 10/28/14

Reaching the End of the Line; and Materials Requested 10/21/14

There's a Reason I Say "Girl" Instead of "Woman" 9/30/14

Repositioning: From Radical Feminism to Gender Theory / Queer Theory, continued 9/17/14

Repositioning: From Radical Feminism to Gender Theory / Queer Theory 9/17/14

Fiction version of Query letter, and Synopsis 9/4/14

Repositioning 9/3/14

Why, despite the Absence of a Phenomenon, do I think a Phenomenon is Imminent? 8/27/14

Review— MMF by David Kimple, at The Kraine Theater 85 E. 4th Street, Lower East Side Manhattan NYC 8/23/14

Back to the Platform (again) 8/19/14

An Incident Along a Suburban Roadway 8/11/14

Encouraging Reply from a Lit Agent 7/27/14

A Pair of Meetings 7/24/14

Query Letter for 2nd book (That Guy in Our Women's Studies Class) 7/22/14

The Second Book 7/22/14

Group Identities and Comparisons: Elliot Rodgers and 'Nice Guys' 7/8/14

In which a Literary Agent Requests a Proposal 6/25/14

Follow-ups: Advance Reader's Critique (more thoughts), GenderBread Person 6/9/14

Another Advance Reader's Critique! A Really NICE One! 6/5/14

Attending a Transgender group at the GLBT Center of Nassau County 6/3/14

An Advance Reader Critiques My Book! 5/31/14

The Process— the author queries another batch of literary agents 5/24/14

Can't We All Just Be Equal (Without Jumping Up & Down About Your Own Little Cause 5/20/14

A Change of Title / New Query Letter, Too 5/17/14

Kicking Myself 5/13/14

Frustration and Anger 5/8/14

The Gamble: What the reader Gets Out Of It 5/6/14

A bit of backstory 5/2/14

My Query-letter, or Pitch: the short and hopefully catchy description of the book 5/1/14

I am author, and now I become blogger too 4/29/14